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Kaiseki salon 'Kikuizumi'

Kaiseki salon 'Kikuizumi'

  • Kikuizumi
  • Kikuizumi
  • Kikuizumi

Colorful original creative cuisine goes quite well with Sake

To delight the eye as much as the palate, we arrange seasonal tastes in delicate Japanese style on traditional Arita-ware.

Enjoying the best foods at their best, the season of the year is the prime factor in Japanese cuisine.

In highly artistic and elegant room, taste reasonable set lunches or creative original Japanese dishes, and delight seasons of Japan.In the beautiful garden, where stone lanterns are placed…

Quality times, in a serene space

A separate room opens to Japanese garden is available. Share the beauty of the sight at the day and the night.
Quality times, in a serene space

Grand Chef Hidetaka Sato

Profile of the Chef

Mastery of Japanese cuisine, Sato had improved his career at high-class Japanese restaurants in Osaka where, once said central kitchen of the nation, then he played important roles in famous Japanese inns and hotels. His works are always highly-esteemed for a delicate art on the fusion of Japanese styles and Western styles.His motto is to serve surprise to guests through bring out the natural taste of the ingredients without too much cooking, and beauty of the display and arrangement of the food in season sense.

Chef's Recommendation

Prix Fix Lunch ”Mai” ¥2,500
●Prix Fix Lunch "Mai" ¥2,500-
As you open drawers one by one, a cuisine appears. An elegant and a fancy lunch served with traditional Japanese lunch box.
Prix Fix Dinner course ”Chef's special of the day” ¥5,400-
●Prix Fix Dinner course "Chef's special of the day" ¥5,400-
Dishes of in-season ingredients are served from the sensitivity of the Grand chef. Menu changes every month.
Open hour [Lunch]Weekdays/11:30-14:00 (Last call 13:30)
Weekends and Holidays/11:00-14:30 (Last call 14:00)
[Dinner]17:30-21:30(Last call 21:00)
Seating Capacity 64 seats
Location Main Building1F

Restaurant 'Natura'

Restaurant 'Natura'

  • Restaurant 'Natura'
  • Restaurant'Natura'
  • Restaurant'Natura'

Serving body-friendly made of carefully-screened materials in a buffet style.

Restaurant "Natura", offers an original and creative cuisine full of selected materials and seasonal greens.You can relish seasonal and home-style tastes which nature has bestowed upon people.

Choose your favorites from variety of dishes in our menu.


Benefits of Natura

Tasty vegetables
●Tasty vegetables
Dishes with seasonal vegetables are cooked focusing on natural aspect of foods such as "just a touch of sweetness" or freshness.
Wooden decor makes you may feel sense of warmth.
●Wooden decor makes you may feel sense of warmth.
The warmth preserved by a wooden interior decoration creates a calm atmosphere in which to savor our dishes made with all natural.
Open hour Weekdays/11:30-15:00(Last call 13:30)
Weekends and Holidays/11:00-15:00(Last call 14:00)
Seating Capacity 80 seats
Location Annex1F

Cafe Dining 'Crane Cafe'

Crane Cafe, a bright and cheerful coffee shop. Enjoy freshly-brewed coffee, soft drinks and irresistible selection of sweets, in relaxing atmosphere.

Cafe Dining 'Crane Cafe'

Open hour 9:00-18:00
Seating Capacity 26 seats
Location Main Building1F

Banquet features

 'HIKARI' Room on the 1st Floor Main Building

 'HIKARI' Room on the 1st Floor Main Building

Main banquet room is very spacious with ceiling height at 6m/20 ft, with floor at 552 sqm/6,000 sqft. Artistic lighting and reliefs of palm trees provide a cozy atmosphere.

'The terrace room' 3rd Floor Main Building

'The terrace room' 3rd Floor Main Building

Homey and warm atmosphere, medium scale banquet, "The terrace room", still it offers sophisticated and chic sense against daily life.

"HIKARI" Room is spacious soft light-drenched which accommodates 600 people in case of standing party or reception. A sophisticated, elegant and simple room setting is easily adjustable according to the purpose of the gatherings. The most advanced lighting technology and dramatic lighting techniques are available to help impressing attendants.

The 2nd floor is gentle light-drenched spacious hall. The 3rd floor is homey atmosphere suitable for "House wedding". According to your request, you can select banquet halls. And also, hair & makeup salon to help bride’s dressing and makeup and Photo studio with professional camera crew are available.

Banquet features
  Banquet Name Floor area ceiling height Capacity (no. of persons)
sqm 3.3sqm/36sqft m Reception Dinner Classroom Theater
Main Building2F "HIKARI" Room 561 169 7.0 600 380 400 800
"FUJI" Room 112 34 3.5 75 40 60 110
"TAKE" Room 56 17 3.5 40 20 30 50
Main Building3F "The terrace room" 253 76 4.0 250 150 210 250
Lavandula multifida 39 12 3.5 14 18 25
Lemongrass 33 10 3.5 10 12 20
Annex2F "SAKURA" Room AB 180 54 3.5 80
"SAKURA" Room B 91 27 3.5 40
"SAKURA" Room A 89 27 3.5 40
KIZUNA 121 36 3.5 80 50 80 130
Annex3F "MATSU" Room 80 24 3.0 28
"UME" Room 51 15 3.0 28
"MOMO" Room 43 13 3.0 16
"TSUBAKI" Room 43 13 3.0 16
"KAEDE" Room 27 8 3.0 10



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